Get to know me

Before we work together, here’s a peek behind the scenes at my approach, mindset and process.


The best projects don’t feel like work, they’re like art, a collaborative process to build something meaningful and lasting. That’s what I strive to create with every partnership.


I'm not omnipotent. I have opinions about some things, but also take pride in being flexible and open to new things. My goal is always to communicate clearly and honestly so we can achieve the best possible result together.


I am more of a personal partner than an agency. I will not keep shouting that any additional change is out-of-scope. When something needs to be done ad-hoc, I am almost always available, and I try to get to the best outcome in the shortest possible time.


In each project, I have a single goal: to exceed expectations and deliver the final version as quickly as possible with as few revisions as possible. Is it hard? Yes, but this is what clients enjoy most about our cooperation.

What inspires me

If you’d like to know more about me, here are a few of the things I enjoy most when I’m not building beautiful websites.

I really love superhero movies, sitting in the cinema, eating popcorn and immersing myself in these powerful stories.

Everyone has his own “thing”, for me its collection of over 90 Funkos. If we hop on a Zoom call, you will see all of them in the background.

We all need a break sometimes. For me, one of the best ways to relax is shredding. (Maybe one day I’ll land a 1080).

I really love lego sets. It always fascinated me how the designers managed to craft such detailed replicas of our favorite things from movies and television.

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